Mountain View Community Amenities

Mountain View Heights Apartment Features

Bedroom Spaces

• Full Bed (Mattress, Foundation, Frame)

• Dresser

• Desk & Chair

• Oversized Closets

• Full Bathroom Inside Each Bedroom

• Full Bathroom Inside Each Bedroom

Picure of a Mountain View Bedroom

Common Area Space

• Dining Room Table & Chairs

• Chair & Couch

• Coffee Table Set (1 Coffee Table, 1 End)

• LED Lightning

• Energy-Star Rated Washer & Dryer

• New Countertops & Custom Cabinetry in Kitchen

• 50” TV with Roku & Netflix

Safety & Security

• Sprinkler System in Each Unit

• Smoke Detectors Throughout

Door Sentinel Kits

• Front Door Grade 2 (Commercial) Deadbolt

• Individual Bedroom Deadbolts

• Ample Light at Night: Exterior Building Lights, Street Poles & Breezeways Lit

• Exterior Cameras

Picure of a Mountain View Living Room & Kitchen
Picure of a Mountain View Building

All furniture listed is included in the furniture package – no additional fees!

Why Crate Furniture?

Heavy wood furniture with some cushions; that is basically crate furniture. We know, it isn’t the most glamorous furniture ever, but it is possibly the most durable. Many communities offer soft, luxurious, beautiful furniture, but if you ask your friends that have lived in and move out of those communities how much they had to pay for damaged furniture, you will understand why crate furniture is a great option. We rarely have to charge a tenant for furniture at Mountain View Heights, and when we do, it is typically just to replace some cushions not an entire couch! Care is easy, just vacuum the cushions when you vacuum your floors & wipe the wood with some wood polish from time to time. While it is very durable, we still recommend using coasters whenever you have beverage that sweats or leave rings!

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Picure of a Mountain View Building